Kick Off Your Heels

You are good at what you do…and you know this.  You always push yourself to excel in whatever you do…and you know this. You manage to juggle relationships, children, and social commitments with relative (exterior) ease…and you know this. There is a bible verse that states, “what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?”  So what does it profit you to gain all the accolades, certificates, goals achieved, if your soul is left wanting? Sweetheart, it is time to focus on the inner you. Often, we can be so good at all things exterior but fail horribly at nurturing our inner-self…our higher-self. Do you know her? Are you honoring and prioritizing all the things that nurture her? What are you doing to cultivate her well-being?

I have always been an advocate for self-care. It became my mantra before it became a catch phrase. Raising three young, extroverted, and strong-willed girls, I always fight to take time for myself and prioritize my spiritual and physical needs. I make it a point to realistically maintain some of my personal interests and hobbies. When my husband of 14 years was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer at the young age of 40, I pressed in to continue that sacred work even more. I understood even more so then and now, that for me to function, care for others and remain anchored during life’s inevitable storms, I had to take time to decompress.  I now have an advanced degree in self-care, lol.

Let me explain the importance of the sacred act of prioritizing your mental, spiritual, and physical health. As a woman, you embody the uncanny ability to create and cultivate life whether that is literally from childbearing or figuratively, from launching a business or starting a relationship. However, you must not let life’s burdens or blessings cause you to abort the life force within that is the catalyst to your very being.  Find a way to preserve the most important asset you have…YOU.

I am THAT mom who may take an extra hour to pick up the kids to get her nails done or enjoy a cup of coffee. I am THAT mom who will book a massage and dine alone on Thai food and a glass a wine and relish every second.  I am THAT woman who will book a hotel room and hibernate to recharge.  I am THAT woman because I AM THAT woman who defies all odds and rises to the occasion in every circumstance. I succeed, I do what I do and do it well.  Why you ask?  Because I prioritize my mental, physical, and spiritual health so that when it is my time to perform in any capacity, I bring 100 percent to the table and rise to the occasion.  This is not being selfish; this is being wise, aware of your boundaries and your limitations. The adage that says that you can’t pour from an empty cup is true. 

The greatest return on investment you can make is on yourself.  Quiet yourself and your mind and be intentional about recharging and investing in yourself so you can see the fruits. As a person who may show compassion and care to so many loved ones in her life, now is the time to show some compassion to yourself. Being overstretched and too busy is not a badge of honor. Not knowling who you are apart from the titles you have as mom, boss, wife…is damn near devastating. It is a sign that you are unbalanced. I know you are a star darling but kick off your heels, remove your cape and gently place it to the side (you will suit up again shortly) and let’s start taking care of inside.  It takes courage to say what you deserve and, in this season, you deserve care.

Angela Kerri

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Angela Kerri

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