Interrupted for Purpose

What the heck is going on?!  Everything was going simply fine, I swear—no need for detours in my life! If you are anything like me, I like a plan or a goal. Checking things off my to-do list is slightly orgasmic to me.  I mean, the bliss of accomplishing a task is exhilarating and unexpected detours that seemingly bring sadness, pain or confusion or create barriers to completing my tasks are certainly unwelcomed. To those of you that find it hard to resonate with my orgasmic comparison, I get it but irrespective of everyone’s varied personality traits, what we all have in common is the inevitability of change and re-direction.  Often these detours lead to transition and if we are lucky enough, transformation for the better. 

We often make life plans and goals within a vacuum. We tend to think of ourselves, our tight inner circle or just within the context of the dense world that we live in when we formulate goals and plans.  What if I told you that life is multi-dimensional? Your purpose, why you were placed on this Earth is multi-faceted and part of a larger tapestry.  To tap into that stream, however; you must be able to go within, reflect and align with your higher self.  Interruptions oftentimes are quite purposeful. Don’t get me wrong, interruptions can be messy and chaotic, but do you know what else can be described similarly?  Childbirth, the nascent beginnings of a major project, illness, the vulnerable beginnings of a new business venture.  Sometimes things must get messy for you to see the natural order of things—the way things should be.  Be pliable. Be open. Your plan may be turned on its head but perhaps things are turning right side up. See the divinity in the journey.  God is there and your authentic and empowered self is waiting there as well.

Angela Kerri

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Angela Kerri

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